Celebration Sankara A revolutionary Legacy (Washington DC) October 13th 2007

Saturday, October 13th 2007

Location name  1234 street NW Washington DC, 200??

12 – 4pm


Free Admission!



October 15th, 2007 will mark the 20th anniversary of Thomas Sankara’s assassination. Sankara’s simplicity, high spirits, humor, honestly and generosity has inspired a generation of conscious young Africans, who see him in themselves. From 1983 to 1987 Sankara led a revolution in Burkina Faso that fought imperialism, internal corruption, and with participatory democracy made exemplary improvements in education, agriculture, and the status of women. Come to an afternoon to celebrate the life and legacy of Thomas Sankara, with a screening of a documentary by Robin Shuffielf, Thomas Sankara; A Man of Integrity, a cultural celebration, and cutting edge information.


Panel# 1 – Thomas Sankara and the Revolution in Burkina Faso

·  Program and methods of the Burkinabe revolution

·  Economic development and the debt under Sankara

·  Women’s Emancipation, education, and healthcare.


Panel# 2 Thomas Sankara, Pan-Africanism & Internationalism

·  Sankara on French Imperialism

·  Sankara, the internationalist

·  Sankara and Pan-Africanism

·  His assassination and the campaign for justice

Sankara Caravan:

Please RSVP by emailing sankaratribute@yahoo.com or call 202-123-4567.


  1. > Celebration Sankara A revolutionary Legacy (Washington DC) October 13th 2007
    Would you mind please giving more precise information on the location of the celebration (Street and street number ?). The phone number provided doesn’t seem to work either.
    * Merci pour votre aide,


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