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International Justice for Sankara Campaign



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Sankara Petition: Support Our Victory Against Impunity


We, the undersigned, congratulate the United Nations Human Rights Committee for its recommendations below and encourage it to ensure that they are respected by the State party, Burkina Faso.

"Thomas Sankara’s family have the right to know the circumstances of his death, (…) The Committee considers that the refusal to conduct an investigation into the death of Thomas Sankara, the lack of official recognition of his place of burial and the failure to correct the death certificate constitute inhuman treatment of Ms. Sankara and her sons, in breach of article 7 of the Covenant."

 "Under article 2, paragraph 3 (a), of the Covenant, the State party is required to provide Ms. Sankara and her sons an effective and enforceable remedy in the form, inter alia, of official recognition of the place where Thomas Sankara is buried, and compensation for the anguish suffered by the family." 

 "The State party was unable to explain these delays, and on this point the Committee considers that, contrary to the State party’s arguments, no time bar could invalidate proceedings in a military court, and consequently the failure to refer the matter to the Minister of Defence should be attributed to the Procurator, who alone had the power to do so. The Committee considers that this inaction since 2001, despite the various remedies sought subsequently by the authors, constitutes a violation …"

 In solidarity with the people of Burkina Faso, we demand that the regime of Burkina Faso respect the UN decision in its entirety and finally allow complete national reconciliation.





  1. > Petition Justice for Sankara
    Thomas Sankara was murdered, and I believe his family should know the circumstances of his death and justice be carried out. May he rest in peace!

    • > Petition Justice for Sankara
      We must open this investigation in the murder of Sankara.
      It was an unjust act, and must be prosecuted as such. We
      must also encourage international pressure by the large
      financial and political institutions which keep its current
      government afloat, including the IMF, World Bank, and
      United Nations. These institutions have the power to
      place enough pressure to move the current government in
      a direction of justice.


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