The trial for the assassination of Thomas Sankara and his companions had entered its final phase. The hearing period ended on Monday, January 23, just as the closing arguments were set to begin.

The coup d’état in Burkina Faso halted the process.

While the country’s political leaders have been removed, the judicial remains in place, according to the principle of independence of powers.

This trial is being followed with close attention by the people of Burkina Faso and by friends of Burkina from around the world. People are keen not only for justice to be done after several decades, but also for proof of Burkina’s ability to take on a trial of such magnitude. Thomas Sankara indeed appears increasingly as one of the most significant politicians of the 20th century.

The continuation of the trial would, without a doubt, be a strong sign of the will of the perpetrators of the coup d’état to bring justice. Justice for Sankara and the Sankara family was a central demand of the Burkinabè people during the 2014 uprising.

Thus, we urge the new leaders of the country to ensure the resumption of the trial without delay and to do everything in their power so that the trial can end quickly.

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