On the 30th of April 2014, the Grand instance court of Ouagadougou has declared itself as having no jurisdiction to order an DNA expertise in order to identify the bodies buried in Dagnoen.

We welcome this decision with sadness and disappointment. However we are henceforth submerged by rage and revolt. This decision has yet been made following the request made by the lawyers of the family on the 2nd of February 2011. It took 3 years for the judges to declare themselves as having no jurisdiction ! And the first lawful request has been made in 1997 !

In reality Blaise Compaoré is the sole absolute judge in this country concerning the matter of Thomas Sankara. Blaise is terrified every time that he is being questioned about this matter, in fear of being pursued himself, as he is terrified to the idea to be pursued for his role in the wars of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast. It is the reason for which all the procedures launched in Burkina about the assassination of Thomas Sankara are blocked.

But Sankara’s family has the right to gather around a grave authenticated as actually containing the one of the deceased president, Thomas Sankara. Sankara’s family, the families of Thomas Sankara’s collaborators who have been assassinated with him, the African people, and all the politician heirs of Thomas Sankara demand truth and justice today.

This time, the burkinabè people has decided to stand in order to put an end to Blaise Compaoré’s decadent regime. This latest decision of justice has once more stained the image of his regime whereas the burkinabè population, including people in his own rank are demanding his retirement from the government.

Strong, with the 13600 signatures already obtained (see, the support from dozen organisations and political parties and the world, we continue more than ever to demand to ensure justice and that an international and independent commission of enquiry has to be quickly set up due to the incapacity to rely on the justice of Burkina. Many testimonies state the implication of France, CIA and other neighbour countries in an international plot for this assassination. It is the reason why we require :

That the members of the american Congress demand archives from the time, to be open in their countries and that an investigation has to be led about an eventual implication of the CIA.

That the French parliamentary accept the request of parliamentary enquiry about the assassination of Thomas Sankara, already submitted twice at the National assembly of the French Republic on the 20th of June 2011 and on the 5th of October 2012 and to demand archives that would allow a progress on the search of truth, to be open.

We do not want to wait any longer !

We call again citizens, political parties and organisations of the civil society to widespread the campaign with new public initiatives.

To finally break the truth about the assassination of Thomas Sankara, we are calling again for :

– Journalists to do further investigations
– Historians to start new research
– Documentary makers to make new films
– The public opinion to produce more pressure

The moment of truth and justice is coming. Let’s make it hurry all together !

The international network « Justice pour Sankara Justice pour l’Afrique »

The 30th of April 2014, at Ouagadougou, Abidjan, Dakar, Paris, New York, Washington, Lomé, Nairobi, Bamako, Berlin, Madrid, Bruxelles, Moscou, Berlin, Turin, Ajaccio, Toulouse, Montpellier

Contact : contactjusticepoursankara at


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